The Serene and Tranquil the Brighton Escape By Georgia Ezra

A crisp and minimalist house designed by Georgia Ezra of Australian G.A.B.B.E. architects is a very serene and tranquil space that allows you to chill out. The house is very big with spacious spaces. Set in neutral palette tones, you may expect to see elegance and grace which is wrapped nicely in this calm estate.

This house is specially designed to support the life of an urban family. The house is easy on the eye and very endearing. You may find some most unique things also. With some wooden accents, you get the warmth, you get the class. There are some unique pendant lamps that look like seashells in white that add beauty and sweetness to the place. A living space here tries to be different. That is why it appears nicer with a sunken. A super sexy stairs lead us to the second level and we cannot help admiring its lean which is so impressive. There are big glass wall and door that provides you with the opportunity of seeing the natural beauty of the ocean and some green lush plants in the back garden.

It is a relaxing space that every disturbed mind wishes to own. There are few things taken home to save its amiable and fresh environment. You may like it guys, so go for it.

The Super Rocking Old Florida Home by Weber Design Group

A grand house in vintage style, how about that? It sounds like no other really and we love to share the pleasure of knowing the house with you. This 3,445 sq. ft. two storey single family house is situated on inter coastal waterway of Florida, US. We would like to give the credit to the designer from Weber Design Group who did the house justice by making it appear like a marine ship.

You know the feeling of getting on the big ship with all good things as you can expect and even beyond. We are not exaggerating by saying that this one is damn amazing house seen from its outer look and from its unique interior design. In one word, we will say, this space as ‘entertaining or maybe “fun”. The house features a nice mix of stone and hardy plank along with a tile roof, giving it the characteristics of a typical island house plan. This Florida house is set totally in white and the pops of colors are added by the furniture and decorations which are all unique and really something else. At the back part, you will meet a nice pool with green garden which can be seen from your balcony.

The house spreads breezy and airy feel that all the way pleasing and nice. Every single thing in it reminds you of ocean, beach and all mysterious things in it. The accessories which are brought in inspired by a sailor ship is totally amazing to see. You will love it.