Smart and Wacky Game of Colors in Studio Interior by Artistic Designs For Living

We just cannot deny that colors give nice style statement when you know how to do it right. Instead of playing it safe by choosing palette or neutral tones, you can be rebel and do some experiments with colors and see how merry and fun your space can be.

We like the designs of living space displayed in studio interior as parts of Artistic Designs for Living collection designed by Interior designer Tineke Triggs. There is no way you will not fall for the artistic, dramatic and chic designs here. The colors are everywhere. We cannot ignore the creativeness and sensibility which make all of them so damn irresistible. There is one which features hot colors like pink and yellow. It appears so girlish at first until the raw brick accents redeem its sweetness and give it rustic look. The decorations are most unique kids and we like how neat and easy the place appears. Another one is more edgy though also rustic with a couple of armchair is black with stripped patterns and sweet cushions. Just three framed pictures are needed to d├ęcor it to perfection.

If you like to try for different thing, this will absolutely do. The space is full of wacky creativity which will be liked by people with unusually great taste. Try it if you dare.

Fun and Vibrant 34th Street House by Clayton&Little Architects

You can never get fun space, unless you grab some stuff and items with colors in it. A vibrant and cheerful house situated in Austin, Texas is no joke. We love the young happy vibes in it brought up by some cool and groovy decorations in pops of colors in them.

Clayton & Little Architects redesigned this ranch house awesomely. It belongs to two graphic designers back in 2010. There is a young man who lives in it that is why the house is set in such playful concept. There is a collaboration made with C&L for the selected thin edge powder-coated steel countertops and stained cabinets in the kitchen; a floating vanity and frameless shower lit by a skylight in the Master Bath; and a recessed bed alcove for the boy. Some decorations are really wacky and groovy. There are pictures with posters showing great words and stuff. Since the house is set purely in white, the colored items shine even brighter and look very vivid and vibrant. We love the dining space so much for the colorful chairs and gorgeous painting.

If you like a house with merry and extravagant environment, this one will absolutely do. Try to prove it yourself and check all images to know how stunning and amazing the house is.