Fantabulous Russian Hill House by John Maniscalco Architecture

For us, this is like an ideal house. There is nothing wrong and we cannot find fault in this very place. The Russian hill house is a power packed house in a king-sized style and luxury. We love the architecture concept as well as the interior design idea which is not only modern but highly exquisite, sophisticated and very classy.

Situated in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood, the house looks like a million bucks or it may actually be. This single family residence boasts not only lavish wonderful look but also comfort, warmth and tranquility that cause envy. The soft palette tones give calming vibes and ethereal look which appears demure yet very endearing. There are glamorous things found to add plush quality in the house without overdoing it. Some spaces are incredibly cozy and the feel is just like a five star hotel especially the lavish bathroom. It is a neat and fine house which is so very easy on the eye.

The designer is such a brilliant mind behind it. We cannot help but say hand’s down for the amazing selection of furniture and decoration that do full and even exceedingly well a justice to this house. This four storey house is the work of local John Maniscalco Architecture. The plan is to bring an understated but dignified urban presence on an atypically wide San Francisco site. And well it is more than success we presume.

Glamorous Hill Home by Chris A. Dorsey

You do not need those glittering and shining stuff to appear glamorous and sexy. You get the class effortlessly when you get the look of this hill home which is so elegant and sparkly with charms.  It is an eclectic space which is very inspiring if what you look for is a house that can set flame and uniqueness when you see it. The design is well-done and the one who deserves the compliment is Chris A. Dorsey.

We cannot ignore the great taste of the selection for furniture. Located in New York, USA, it may become the best house for people who live in style in this very big a city. There is a womanly look of it. It seems like the owner is a lady. We find some classical things in the house which appear grand and grandeur. They are mostly pure in white yet you may find ones in palette with some wooden finishes and surfaces. The most socking part that makes the space appear vibrant and alive fearlessly is the blonde wooden laminate flooring. We love it since it brings the shiny look which is so wow.

You may find it too much as a guy’s pad, but for a family, it will do justice. So better check all images and see how you like it?

Smart and Wacky Game of Colors in Studio Interior by Artistic Designs For Living

We just cannot deny that colors give nice style statement when you know how to do it right. Instead of playing it safe by choosing palette or neutral tones, you can be rebel and do some experiments with colors and see how merry and fun your space can be.

We like the designs of living space displayed in studio interior as parts of Artistic Designs for Living collection designed by Interior designer Tineke Triggs. There is no way you will not fall for the artistic, dramatic and chic designs here. The colors are everywhere. We cannot ignore the creativeness and sensibility which make all of them so damn irresistible. There is one which features hot colors like pink and yellow. It appears so girlish at first until the raw brick accents redeem its sweetness and give it rustic look. The decorations are most unique kids and we like how neat and easy the place appears. Another one is more edgy though also rustic with a couple of armchair is black with stripped patterns and sweet cushions. Just three framed pictures are needed to décor it to perfection.

If you like to try for different thing, this will absolutely do. The space is full of wacky creativity which will be liked by people with unusually great taste. Try it if you dare.