Fantastically Endearing Giorgetti Penthouse by Gal Nauer And Giorgetti

We are in awe to see such amazing beauty located on the top floor of New York’s famed Plaza Hotel. We cannot believe to see this fresh, innocence and comfy apartment which was brilliantly designed back then in 2009 by Gal Nauer and Giorgetti.

This triplex 6,300-square-foot has luxury to boast as well as marvelously designed interior which looks like no other. We cannot deny that the unusually gorgeous wall art has much more credit to have. Their natural yet striking pattern looks so breezy and nice. The use of palette tones mainly in white and cream give the space a calm and soft look that appears so ethereal and endearing. We love the selection of furniture with some pops of blacks and lime greens. There are some textured walls that create shimmering effects and some textured fabrics that give chances for you to feel warmer.

It is also spacious enough to do your family justice. In fact its splendor and grand look is beyond decent. It is all the way satisfying. It has to been seen and it cannot be ignored. The house is full of comfort and warmth and you cannot help but enjoy the space with the very grace of it and also the nice atmosphere which is inherent in it.

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