Glamorous Hill Home by Chris A. Dorsey

You do not need those glittering and shining stuff to appear glamorous and sexy. You get the class effortlessly when you get the look of this hill home which is so elegant and sparkly with charms.  It is an eclectic space which is very inspiring if what you look for is a house that can set flame and uniqueness when you see it. The design is well-done and the one who deserves the compliment is Chris A. Dorsey.

We cannot ignore the great taste of the selection for furniture. Located in New York, USA, it may become the best house for people who live in style in this very big a city. There is a womanly look of it. It seems like the owner is a lady. We find some classical things in the house which appear grand and grandeur. They are mostly pure in white yet you may find ones in palette with some wooden finishes and surfaces. The most socking part that makes the space appear vibrant and alive fearlessly is the blonde wooden laminate flooring. We love it since it brings the shiny look which is so wow.

You may find it too much as a guy’s pad, but for a family, it will do justice. So better check all images and see how you like it?

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