Light Felt Laight Street Loft by David Howell Design

David Howell comes up with a light-felt modern loft. The house is so very bright since it is set mainly in white. There is modesty and simple treat that gives a very easy and comfy feel that you can enjoy once you get in. the dwelling is situated in 7-storey former warehouse complex close to the Hudson Square in Tribeca, New York.

In order to liven up the client’s expectation of refinishing the floor, the plan was made as such. And first thing to do was quickly escalating into a full blown gut renovation once the full potential space was sure to be realized. There is a connection between the entrance and the open loft space. The space is flooded with light and makes it appear airy and breezier. The next change was to enlarge the master bedroom and master bathroom by removing a redundant internal corridor. You may find some good materials use here such as marble slab stones which was personally preferred by the client. The ceiling is very unique with the appearance of protruding things which are painted in white. The appearance is clean and pretty neat.

We like some pops of lively colors are allowed. The wooden cladding floor is varnished in black to look edgier and we like how the space looks so comfortable and warm.

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