The Tranquil Pacific Avenue by John Maniscalco Architecture

Another example of fine dwelling after a planned renovation is absolutely this pacific avenue house. Situated in San Francisco, California, the house is a marvelously perfect place to be in peace of mind and comfortable state. Local John Maniscalco Architecture did exceedingly well in redesigning this modern space. They know what to do to make the space a perfect home to live life to the fullest.

This mid century home is blessed with great company of natural beauty surrounding it. The designer was aware of it and made sure they left no stone unturned. The house is about spatial openness, a consistent use of materials, and reconfiguration of the ground plane to bring light deep into this home and frame views of the park beyond. There are few things brought home and the selected ones really do justice to such tranquil and serene house. The minimalist treat works well and some most sophisticated things are found adorning the space quite nicely. There is a sculptural steel and limestone stair that serves as a spatially dynamic centerpiece for the home. A retracting glass wall is featured to make sure the owner can indulged themselves with the views out there.

In conclusion, there is nothing we like to neither remove nor add in this space. It is just stunning as the way it is. You may find it great so we share the images for you to know more details. Enjoy guys.

Fun and Vibrant 34th Street House by Clayton&Little Architects

You can never get fun space, unless you grab some stuff and items with colors in it. A vibrant and cheerful house situated in Austin, Texas is no joke. We love the young happy vibes in it brought up by some cool and groovy decorations in pops of colors in them.

Clayton & Little Architects redesigned this ranch house awesomely. It belongs to two graphic designers back in 2010. There is a young man who lives in it that is why the house is set in such playful concept. There is a collaboration made with C&L for the selected thin edge powder-coated steel countertops and stained cabinets in the kitchen; a floating vanity and frameless shower lit by a skylight in the Master Bath; and a recessed bed alcove for the boy. Some decorations are really wacky and groovy. There are pictures with posters showing great words and stuff. Since the house is set purely in white, the colored items shine even brighter and look very vivid and vibrant. We love the dining space so much for the colorful chairs and gorgeous painting.

If you like a house with merry and extravagant environment, this one will absolutely do. Try to prove it yourself and check all images to know how stunning and amazing the house is.

The Very Comfy Barn Home by Sauquet Arquitectes

An old barn situated in a small town of Castellar del Vall├ęs, near Barcelona is brilliantly converted into a super comfy and serene countryside house. Designed in modern style, you may expect a space with great look and pleasing surroundings. The designer is none other than the very talented Spanish Sauquet Arquitectes.

There are things which promotes cozy and nice environment with great atmosphere in the house. You may find a stylish yet minimalist living space that spreads warmth and softness. In fact, a decent fireplace is available to assist. The wood laminate floor also helps it appear elegant yet endearing natural look to the space. The house has unique architecture statement in which you can see some strange looking wall or ceiling. We find the outside parts as interesting as the inside ones. There is a nice terrace which provides some spots to enjoy the air, the sight and the sun and it appears so very rustic and cool.

You need to see it yourself to believe that the house is a nice place. The fact that the sun beams a great deal here and the chance of flooded by its heat is high, you get the benefit as well as disadvantage. You can sun bathing on your terrace while sometimes, the heat and the shine can be pretty unbearable.