The Tranquil Pacific Avenue by John Maniscalco Architecture

Another example of fine dwelling after a planned renovation is absolutely this pacific avenue house. Situated in San Francisco, California, the house is a marvelously perfect place to be in peace of mind and comfortable state. Local John Maniscalco Architecture did exceedingly well in redesigning this modern space. They know what to do to make the space a perfect home to live life to the fullest.

This mid century home is blessed with great company of natural beauty surrounding it. The designer was aware of it and made sure they left no stone unturned. The house is about spatial openness, a consistent use of materials, and reconfiguration of the ground plane to bring light deep into this home and frame views of the park beyond. There are few things brought home and the selected ones really do justice to such tranquil and serene house. The minimalist treat works well and some most sophisticated things are found adorning the space quite nicely. There is a sculptural steel and limestone stair that serves as a spatially dynamic centerpiece for the home. A retracting glass wall is featured to make sure the owner can indulged themselves with the views out there.

In conclusion, there is nothing we like to neither remove nor add in this space. It is just stunning as the way it is. You may find it great so we share the images for you to know more details. Enjoy guys.

Fantabulous Russian Hill House by John Maniscalco Architecture

For us, this is like an ideal house. There is nothing wrong and we cannot find fault in this very place. The Russian hill house is a power packed house in a king-sized style and luxury. We love the architecture concept as well as the interior design idea which is not only modern but highly exquisite, sophisticated and very classy.

Situated in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood, the house looks like a million bucks or it may actually be. This single family residence boasts not only lavish wonderful look but also comfort, warmth and tranquility that cause envy. The soft palette tones give calming vibes and ethereal look which appears demure yet very endearing. There are glamorous things found to add plush quality in the house without overdoing it. Some spaces are incredibly cozy and the feel is just like a five star hotel especially the lavish bathroom. It is a neat and fine house which is so very easy on the eye.

The designer is such a brilliant mind behind it. We cannot help but say hand’s down for the amazing selection of furniture and decoration that do full and even exceedingly well a justice to this house. This four storey house is the work of local John Maniscalco Architecture. The plan is to bring an understated but dignified urban presence on an atypically wide San Francisco site. And well it is more than success we presume.