The Very Warm Moody Cabin by Studio Frank

The Very Warm Moody Cabin by Studio Frank

A delightful sight of moody cabin situated in Mountain Village, Colorado is irresistible. Recently, the house was remodeled by the fantastic team of Californian interior designers from Studio Frank. The oomph factor is caused by none other than the dramatic wood accents. Let’s see what this house takes?

The place is undeniably elegant yet classy though you hardly find something glamorous. The fact that rich woods are chosen as the main attraction and the selection of wood tones is wealthier makes you feel the warmth feeling and exquisite look that completes you as a dweller. It is a perfect shelter during winter and rain season. Why? Because it has all qualities that can keep you warm and get rid of cold vibes that nature challenges you. Some wooden touches keep it look rustic yet it smells organic also. Though, it is not so big, yet you can feel comfortable here no matter what. The living space with a decent fireplace and soft cozy sofas will make you feel safe and sound. The kitchen is super exotic with marble kick. You may find more palette stuff in the house. Yet you may look at the kids’ room and see some bunk beds in red and white that represents youth and passionate blood of teenagers. 

This beautiful retreat has all the reasons to keep family in happy state. The design, the size and the look all make for a perfect family space. You may see in details from the images we share here. You will love it because it is lovely.

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